One of the frequent questions we get from gluten-free folks is “how do I test a whole plate of food?” When testing food for gluten with Nima, it only takes a sample of your meal – about the size of a pea. If you tested the entire dish, you’d have to blend up your entire plate to test, but then you’d just have a food smoothie to drink. (Just imagine a gluten-free pizza puree!) 

Since you only need a little bit of food to screen your meal, we can’t guarantee the whole plate is GF. However, we want to provide you with tips for getting the best results from your Nima. We’ve compiled the best ways to catch hidden gluten based on the biggest culprits we’ve found to date.

Testing Food for Gluten with Nima - Tips and Tricks

Always proceed with caution before eating any meal you’ve tested. If Nima tells you there’s gluten in the sample, you know you definitely don’t want to eat it. If you see a GF smile from Nima (sample is less than 20 ppm of gluten), proceed with the same amount of caution you normally would.

Now, check out how to interact with waitstaff before and after the smile, or if the test results indicate gluten is present.