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While there is no shortage of food related emojis, none address the most common food intolerances and restrictions. As part of our mission for greater food transparency and inclusivity, today we are launching Nimoji, the first and only emoji keyboard on iOS that enhances and animates conversations around the world of food intolerances, sensitivities and preferences.

The Nimoji keyboard offers nearly 50 emojis for people who are gluten-free, vegan, kosher or have other food intolerances to positively express their food identity and better manage their dining experiences. Nimoji is for the people who haven’t been able to use the taco, pizza or beer emojis. It celebrates food inclusivity, speaks to this community’s passions and daily life and gives them a voice.

The Nimoji keyboard has playful illustrations and icons to visually communicate the most common food allergens, to express food identities and even to convey the bodily functions that occur when meals don’t go well, such as:

-No Nuts
: Icons of wheat, soybeans, peanuts, milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish and tree nuts (the top eight food allergens identified by the FDA) with the ‘no’ symbol so users can let people know what foods they avoid 
-Badges of Honor: Badges that embrace personal food identities like “paleo,” “vegan,” “halal” and “kosher”
-Everybody poops: Lighthearted illustrations of bodily functions and uncomfortable symptoms caused by allergen exposure, including “fart,” “heartburn” and “bloated,” among others
-Don’t Wheat Me: Other symbols to help users express their unique food stories and dining situations, with sayings like “GF? DTF!” “Anti-Allergen Squad” and “No Pricks” (epinephrine injector)

Nimoji conversations

We encourage you to share your favorite Nimojis with friends and family via text, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WeChat and WhatsApp. Upgrades with new emojis to reflect evolving food identity trends are planned for release throughout the year.

Download the Nimoji keyboard now for free in the Apple App Store!

Want Nimoji to represent your food identity? Please let us know on social media using #makemynimoji.