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Kick off Summer with These Gluten-free Ice Cream Brands

Gluten-free ice cream

With summer fast approaching, our minds and taste buds are turning to one thing: ice cream! Thankfully there are TONS of gluten-free ice cream options – brands that specialize in making sure your choices are easy. But those options aren’t always easy to find, despite their numbers. We’ve collected the best gluten-free (and some dairy-free) brands and tips on using your Nima to help you make the best choices this summer!

Specialty Brands

Lots of ice creams and gelatos have dairy but are still gluten-free. While some are highly localized and offer local ingredients, others are more widespread. Here’s a list of just a few:

Turkey Hill, an East Coast brand, whose super cool online “flavor finder” search tool can identify their gluten-free varieties.

Jöne’s Gelato – this San Francisco-based gelato brand is completely paleo and features all the classic flavors. It’s available across the Bay Area and in other cities on the West Coast.

Arctic Zero, a frozen dessert made from whey protein, which makes it free of lactose, but not dairy. Every flavor is gluten-free except cookie dough chip, brownie blast and snickerdoodle dandy chunky.

Talenti – probably the most widely available gelato brand, Talenti has more than two dozen gluten-free options to chose from and an easy online listing to help find the right flavors.

There are lots of specialty ice creams on the market, and while this is largely due to dairy intolerance or allergies, these brands are great sources of gluten-free choices. By their very nature, these specialty ice creams take care in their ingredients and manufacturing, and many are certified gluten-free. Some brands (and this list is by no means comprehensive) that carry the coveted gluten-free certification are:

So Delicious, which even has certified flavors with cookie dough! Not every flavor is gluten-free but those that are bear the GF certification logo. Most flavors are also kosher and vegan!

DF Mavens – boasts an entire vegan and GF line, and which also makes gluten-free ice cream bars!

Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss – offers gluten-free ice cream cookie sandwiches, and its cappuccino flavor is a favorite of a certain Nima team member. We love that they describe themselves as “gluten-free now and forever.”

Major Brands

If you’re frozen aisle isn’t stocked with some of these specialty brands, you might be wondering, which major label ice creams are gluten-free? The answer is – a lot of them! In fact, some of the major ice cream brands have specialized lists of ice creams that are gluten-free.

You can find the gluten-free varieties of Breyer’s ice cream listed conveniently on their website.

Häagen-Dazs has a great many gluten-free flavors that are all marked on the packaging as such, and they also maintain a list online for easy shopping. Plus, like the strawberry mini-cup I picked up here, they are also labeled as gluten-free.

Gluten-free ice cream Haagen-Dazs

Other major brands like Ben & Jerry’s, Dryer’s and Dove Ice Cream say that while their products are neither certified nor labelled gluten-free, they will list any ingredients containing gluten on the packaging. As you might imagine, a lot of major brands contain ingredients like cookies, dough, or graham crackers that would typically have gluten. So, how safe might their other flavors be? As a consumer, one might assume that the certified flavors meet the federal standard of 20 parts per million, but what about non-certified flavors, or some packaged in facilities with flavors that also contain gluten? That’s where Nima can be a huge help.

Remember to follow these best practices when testing high fat foods like ice cream. These were flavors that, based on their ingredients list, shouldn’t contain gluten. Mostly, we were curious if these flavors, which are produced in facilities with ice creams that might contain gluten, would test as gluten-free with Nima. We selected Three Twins Vanilla Chocolate Chip and Ben & Jerry’s Banana Split. Neither ingredient list showed any ingredients likely to have gluten, and sure enough, both came up all smile on our Nima!

Gluten-free ice cream Ben & Jerry's

Gluten-free ice cream Three Twins

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