Gluten-free New York City restaurant guide


It’s nearly impossible to list all the gluten-free options in New York City – there’s something for everyone in the city that never sleeps. French food, Brazilian, burgers, baked goods, farm-to-table, upscale and takeaway…the possibilities are endless for safe GF eats! For our first gluten-free New York City restaurant guide, we tested some of Manhattan’s eateries most well-known for gluten-free options. You can be sure that this guide is just the first of many in NYC – there’s still plenty of GF goodies to test and eat in the Big Apple!

Keep reading to hear our experiences at some of these delectable dining destinations!

Gluten-free New York City Dining Guide

Gluten-free New York City dining guide #nimatested


Tacombi gluten-free new york city

If you like a lively atmosphere to go with your margaritas and tacos, you’ll love Tacombi. This Mexico City-style cafe was packed on a Friday evening – and there’s a reason why. Delicious tacos! Even better, the server knew exactly what was gluten-free on the menu (or could be made gluten-free), and we had some of the best tacos in NYC there. Our favorite was the breakfast tacos (ask for it on corn tortillas!). Menu


Noglu is a classic French patisserie that also happens to be 100% gluten-free. The original bakeries are located in Paris, so you know the food is authentically French. You will start drooling before you even enter the shop, staring at the tarts and pastries in the window.

Noglu gluten-free new york city

I’ve never had a gluten-free Croque Monsieur or Croque Madame, and Noglu managed to make this GF version better than most gluten-filled croque madames I’ve had before I went gluten-free. Definitely arrive hungry, because this belly bomb will stick to your ribs, but it’s worth every bite. I would love to know how they make their GF bread because it’s soft, spongy and not at all dry like most GF bread.

Noglu gluten-free new york city

Gluten-free crepes are a sweeter option for breakfast, lunch or even as a snack to share!

Noglu gluten-free new york city

I mean, come on! A gluten-free strawberry tart? That tastes like the real thing? I don’t know how Noglu does it, but they’ve made magic. Grab one of these on your way to Central Park. Menu

Hu Kitchen

Hu Kitchen gluten-free new york city

In a rush or looking for something hearty yet nutritious? Hu Kitchen is a 100% gluten-free and mostly paleo spot that offers everything from breakfast to lunch and even packaged snacks/desserts to-go. We love to stop by Hu for a made-to-order bowl (Hu Joe and root veggie puree pictured above) or grab a chai latte and sweet treat for an afternoon pick me up (Hu Crack Bar below). When will they open a location in San Francisco? Consider this our official request. Menu

Hu Kitchen gluten-free new york city


99Bank gluten-free new york city

99Bank is a new 100% gluten-free restaurant that will make you forget you’re eating gluten-free. We’ve been for both dinner and brunch, and we can vouch for both. Their cocktails are delicious and brunch is a nice respite from the hustle of the city. Plus, their head chef is named Nima – you can’t go wrong at 99Bank!*


Friedman's gluten-free new york city

There are so many breakfasts to choose from in NYC, but Friedman’s takes special diets very seriously while still making delicious food. One of the founders has celiac disease, so you’ll appreciate their precautions when serving. You’ll see an allergy stick when they bring out your food (make sure you specify allergy or preference). Seriously good food with no frills necessary – and it tastes even better knowing it’s gluten-free. Menu

*Since publication, we’ve been informed that 99 Bank may have closed. We will miss their dedication to the gluten-free community and delicious food!

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