gluten-free thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends and naturally, giving thanks. It’s not a time for getting glutened. Packaged foods and mixes are an easy way to cut down on the time-consuming and exhausting preparation of meals on turkey day, but it’s not always easy to understand if packaged items are gluten-free.

We polled our community to see which gluten-free Thanksgiving foods they wanted to see #nimatested. We found that most people wanted to test stuffing mixes labeled gluten-free, gravy mixes and pie crusts. We love our community, and as thanks for being the awesome, free-from adventurers you are, we present to you this FREE report!

Take this report as reference with you to the grocery store or send it to a friend or family member hosting you for Thanksgiving as great ideas for gluten-free foods. Of course, every lot or package can be different so remember to let Nima take the first bite and always read labels and use caution before eating.

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