Don't blame it on the gluten-free alcohol

Sometimes, you just want an adult beverage to help you celebrate a blessing or destress after a long week. If you’re gluten-free, you’ll need to be mindful of what you drink, especially because liquor companies aren’t required to disclose their ingredient list. According to Gluten Free Survival Guide, in most cases it is better to stick to plain alcohol instead of flavored versions. We’ve listed the specific types of alcohol, as well as some brands, that you can safely enjoy when you send off 2017 (or welcome in 2018).


Plain rum, including both light and dark, is made from sugar cane so it is naturally gluten-free. Be careful with flavored and spiced rums because it can be tough to tell if they are GF.

According to VeryWell, here are some brands you can trust:

Bacardi (all except for Bacardi Silver are gluten-free)

Mount Gay Rum (Silver, Eclipse, Black Barrel, Extra Old and Master Select)

Rondiaz (plain)

Myers’s Rum (plain)



Tequila is made from blue agave, a plant that’s naturally gluten-free. As long as the bottle says “100% agave,” then it is GF. If it does not specify, it’s possible other ingredients may compromise its gluten-free status.

According to Urban Taste Bud, some brands to consider are:

√ 1800 Tequila

Cabo Wabo

Don Julio 

Jose Cuervo



Potato Vodka

Vodka can be made by distilling fermented substances such as grains, fruits, sugars or potatoes. Of these, vodka made from potatoes, grapes and corn are the safest for those with a gluten sensitivity.

According to The Daily Meal, some brands to consider are:

√ Ciroc

Crystal Head







Wine is made from grapes, so it is naturally gluten-free (including champagne), but there are some exceptions. According to VeryWell, some wineries use a wheat paste to seal their barrels for aging or a refining agent to remove any particles, both of which can revoke its GF status.  Also, any wine coolers, dessert wines or wines with added flavors or colors can also be suspect. Wine aged in stainless steel barrels are generally the safest, so it can be a good idea to contact the winery. Frey Vineyards refer to themselves as organic, biodynamic and gluten-free with no added sulfates.


According to Gluten Free Survival Guide, cider is made from apples, so it is gluten-free, and a delicious alternative to beer.

Some brands include:

√ Angry Orchard

Ace Cider


Woodchuck Cider

Gluten-Free Beer

Beer often has ingredients like wheat, barley and rye, so it is a big no-no. But, some brewers have created gluten-free beer either using non-gluten ingredients or distilling gluten from the final beverage. However, the jury is still out on whether gluten-removed beers are actually safe for people with celiac disease or a severe gluten intolerance.

Food Republic taste tested them to find some of the best of the beers created using only non-gluten ingredients:

Harvester Fresh Hop IPA

Dogfish Head Tweason’Ale

Epic Glutenator

√ Celia Saison.

gluten-free alcohol

Be sure to drink responsibly and have a designated driver should you have too much fun!

gluten-free alcohol