Gluten-free Boston: A Community #nimatested Dining Guide

Here’s our gluten-free Boston dining guide, featuring the favorite #nimatested and approved meals at restaurants by chef and Nima community member Amy Fothergill, and her daughter Kate.

Legal Harborside

Type: seafood

Tested: bread and fried food

Results: all smiles!

Gluten-free Boston - Legal Harborside

Sauciety Restaurant

Type: American grill

Tested: eggs and potatoes

Results: both smiles!

Notes: The waiter took us very seriously.

Gluten-free Boston -Sauciety

Fisherman’s Net, Faneuil Hall

Type: seafood

Tested: chowder

Results: smile!

Notes: The guy behind the counter was very confident. He said they make all of the chowder with cornstarch.

Gluten-free Boston - Fisherman's Net

Vintage Grille

Type: gourmet pizza

Tested: burger

Results: smile!

Notes: Although it is a very casual place and the waitress wasn’t knowledgeable, she was able to get the proper info from the kitchen. She went back and forth a few times and said the chef said they would make a burger for us in a pan. Basic but good. Our decision based on reviews from FMGF.

Gluten-free BostonGluten-free Boston - Vintage Grille


Type: bar & grill

Tested: fried calamari

Results: smile!

Notes: Most of the menu was GF. The manager delivered the food personally and talked to us. This was definitely one of the better safe meals. We only tested one thing because we felt so comfortable.

Gluten-free Boston

Gluten-free Boston - Burtons

Modern Pastry

Type: Italian bakery

Tested: cannoli

Results: smile!

Notes: To be honest, we tested after. The person who took our order made us feel comfortable. I let my daughter, Kate make the call. Forgot to take a pic of the cannoli!

Gluten-free Boston - Modern Pastry

Deluxe Town Diner

Type: American diner

Tested: pancakes

Results: smile!

Notes: Pancakes were good! We went to this place last year. They have a separate area to prepare GF food, and serve a great breakfast.

Gluten-free Boston

Gluten-free Boston - Deluxe Town Diner


Type: grill & tavern

Tested: burger and chicken

Results: 1 gluten found, 1 smile.

Notes: Somehow the burger came out with gluten but the chicken was fine. Again the chef was great. We talked about the potential CC aspect.

Gluten-free Boston - Menotomy

Kane’s Donuts

Type: bakery

Tested: donuts

Results: 1 gluten found, 1 smile.

Notes: First batch came up with gluten. But when I re-tested, I got a smile. There might have been flour dust on the silverware. The owner was great – he cleaned the silverware, and when we ran the test again we got a smile.

Gluten-free Boston -

Al Dente

Type: Italian

Tested: salad and pasta bolognese.

Results: 2 gluten found (salad and pasta bolognese) and 1 smile (other pasta).

Notes: They claimed to be careful when I told them my daughter Kate had a severe allergy…maybe they didn’t believe us? The reviews were all great but we were only ones in there. I felt very bad when I showed there was gluten. They made us gnocchi with butter instead. My pasta was fine. We think it was the bolognese sauce. Hopefully they learned from it.

Gluten-free Boston - Al Dente

Mack’s Place

Type: seafood, pizza, and burgers

Tested: fried shrimp

Results: gluten found.

Notes: The staff weren’t very nice about it. Kate had baked haddock instead.

Gluten-free Boston - Mack's Place

Not Your Average Joe’s

Type: New American

Tested: salad, chicken, and mash potatoes with green beans.

Notes: Gluten found – everything had gluten.

Gluten-free Boston - Not Your Average Joe's

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