Mike's Jersey Subs gets #nimatested - Nima sensor with sandwich

After we heard that newly released Jersey Mike’s gluten-free bread was in our local shop and saw some of our community members test it out, we sent Elizabeth, one of our team members from the chemistry lab, on a mission to get Jersey Mike’s gluten-free subs #nimatested.


Elizabeth went to Jersey Mike’s Subs in Sunnyvale, Calif. She ordered the club sandwich with bacon and no mayo. She went during off-hours, so it wasn’t very busy.


1.  Asked the staff if they had gluten-free bread. (They did!)

2. Requested that they change their gloves before making her GF sub. (Staff member was accommodating, and changed his gloves before retrieving the packaged GF bread from the back).

3. The staff member used a separate counter to cut the bread, cleaned the deli slicer with a towel before using, and made sure to put paper down on the counter before placing the bread on it.

4. After putting meat and cheese on the sandwich, he passed the sandwich on to the next employee. The fact that it needed to be gluten-free was not mentioned to the second employee.

5. The second staff member began to add toppings with without changing her gloves.

Test results

Bread: smile

Mike's Jersey Subs gets #nimatested - smile

Inside contents: gluten found.

Elizabeth tested the contents of the sandwich twice, and found gluten both times.

Mike's Jersey Subs gets #nimatested - gluten found

The takeaway

As most of you are probably thinking, the gluten found result wasn’t all that surprising considering the fact that the second staff member didn’t change her gloves. This experience demonstrates how easy it can be for your gluten-free food to come in contact with gluten and how vigilant you have to be, especially if the staff members are not fully educated on how to avoid cross-contamination.

Nima comes in handy in these situations. While Nima can’t guarantee an entire sandwich is gluten-free, Elizabeth tested the inner contents of the sandwich because she was suspicious that it had been contaminated. Nima was able to tell her that it had – twice.

– – –

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth is part of the R&D team here at Nima. She helps to make sure our gluten capsules are always in tip top shape, and is always working on ways to improve them. She comes from a Biological Systems Engineering background; courtesy of UC Davis (go Aggies!); and has since worked in the molecular and cellular biology field.

Her all-time favorite food? Mangoes; in any size, shape or form (fresh, dried, freeze dried, ice cream, candy, chocolate, etc).

Mike's Jersey Subs gets #nimatested