gluten-free Buenos Aires

I recently got to spend 3 weeks in beautiful Buenos Aires – a side benefit of my health issues. And let me tell you, Buenos Aires is a haven for gluten-free eating, and it feels like it may even have more delicious vegan and organic options than San Francisco (which can be tough to beat)! I stayed in the Palermo neighborhood, where it felt like you couldn’t walk 5 blocks without passing either a gluten-free grocery store or restaurant. While I stuck with my habit of cooking most of my meals myself, here are a few of my favorite restaurants, stores, and markets:

gluten-free Buenos AiresRestaurants

Bio Solo Organico

Incredible vegan, organic restaurant with lots of gluten-free options.

gluten-free Buenos Aires

Location: Humboldt 2192, C1425FUB CABA, Argentina

#nimatested Dishes: My favorite dishes were the vegan mushroom risotto, polenta, gluten-free veggie empanadas, and the “té digestivo” (digestive tea).

Notes: If I ever decided to eat out while in Buenos Aires, Bio was always my go-to. The staff was incredible, most of the food is organic or vegan, and every Nima test I ran on the gluten-free options came up with a big Nima smile!

La Arepería de Buenos Aires

100% gluten-free restaurant.

gluten-free Buenos Aires

Location: C1425FWH, Bonpland 2430, C1425FWH CABA, Argentina

#nimatested Dishes: The corn arepas are delicious, as is the guacamole.

Notes: This restaurant serving traditional Venezuelan food is 100% gluten-free. Highly recommended!


Gluten-free bakery.

gluten-free Buenos Aires

Location: Thames 1633, 1414 CABA, Argentina

#nimatested Dishes: Gluten-free frozen baguettes and gluten-free alfajore.

Notes: There are a few of these incredible gluten-free bakeries around the city. I would go here to stock up on gluten-free frozen baguettes that I would heat up in the oven at home. Confession: I also broke my plant based diet once to splurge on an incredible gluten-free alfajore. It was worth it. 😀

Grocery stores and markets

Almacén Libre

Gluten-free grocery store.gluten-free Buenos Aires

Location: Jorge Luis Borges 1842 loc. 4, C1414DGF CABA, Argentina

Notes: This store’s name is translated to “store free from” and serves up a variety of allergen friendly groceries. I would stop by here to stock my pantry, grab some pasta, or pick up some snacks.

Mercado Solidaro Bonpland

Farmers market with organic goods.

gluten-free Buenos Aires

Location: Bonpland 1660, 1414 CABA, Argentina

Notes: This cozy little farmers market is only open a few days a week, so make sure to check if they’re open before you head there. Every week, I would head here to stock up on organic fruits and veggies, spices, tea, and the incredible “maionese zanahoria (carrot mayonnaise)” from the first stall on the left.

Granada Almacén Orgánico

Organic grocery with lots of gluten-free options.

gluten-free Buenos Aires

Location: Cap. Gral. Ramón Freire 1102, C1426AVX CABA, Argentina

Notes: While on the pricier side, this store had some great organic produce and also provided some of the comforts of home. In Argentina, you’ll quickly realize that things like peanut or almond butter, tofu, ghee, coconut milk, etc. are hard to come by. Granada had all of this plus more! They also had some pre-prepared food that you could buy and eat for lunch there, but I always showed up after lunch when most of it was already gone :/

The list of gluten -free or gluten- friendly groceries and restaurants in Buenos Aires is far longer than this. Despacho de Sabores, Pizza Vegana, Buenos Aires Verde, Gout to Go, Sintaxis, La Esquina de Las Flores, Teadoro Garcia, and Hierbabuena were all either great spots or places on my list that I didn’t have a chance to get to.

If you’ve been to Buenos Aires and had some good GF experiences, please add your recommendations to the comments below!


Photo credits: all photos were gathered from various online sources. You can see the original photos by clicking on the photos and following the links.

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