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Gluten-free Munich: A #nimatested Dining Guide

Gluten-free Munich

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Known for BMWs and Oktoberfest, Munich attracts millions of people every year. If you’re planning a trip to Munich be sure to include these gluten-free restaurants in your itinerary and always let Nima take the first bite!

Note: As with all our guides, always use precaution when dining out. The ingredients or staff can be different day by day and a Nima test does not guarantee the whole plate. Bring your Nima along with extra capsules and always let Nima take the first bite!

Sophia’s Restaurant & Bar

gluten-free Munich

Location: Sophienstraße 28, 80333 München, Germany

#nimatested Dish: “Create your own salad” with gluten-free bread

Results: Smile

Notes: A high end restaurant, great for dinner with a staff that is accommodating to food allergies. They offer a variety of gluten-free options, including gluten-free bread! The restaurant is within walking distance of the cities main attractions such as Marienplatz, Botanical Gardens and Rindermarkt.


gluten-free Munich

Location: Westenriederstraße 37, 80331 München, Germany

#nimatested Dish: Grounded Soup

Results: Smile

Notes: It’s becoming more common to find vegan options in Germany, and with these restaurants usually come gluten-free options. I found this to be the case in a couple of restaurants in Munich, including SIGGIS. The restaurant is a casual place good for breakfast or lunch, with various gluten-free options from salads to desserts.

Gratitude Restaurant

gluten-free Munich

Location: Türkenstraße 55, 80799 München, Germany

#nimatested Dish: Hummus and Falafel Crepe

Results: Smile!

Notes: A friendly cafe just outside of the main attractions in Munich. Gratitude offers multiple gluten-free options in a beautiful presentation and tasty flavor. Enjoy outdoor seating in a quiet part of Munich here.

Tushita Teehaus

gluten-free Munich

Location: Türkenstraße 55, 80799 München, Germany

#nimatested Dish: Pumpkin Bread

Results: Smile!

Notes: A great place to enjoy a cup of tea and pastry after touring the city. They also have a small menu with gluten-free options and are very accommodating to allergies.

Ice Date

gluten-free Munich

Location: An der Rechtschule 3, 50667 Köln, Germany

#nimatested Dish: Matcha Ice Cream

Results: Smile

Notes: A refreshing treat within walking distance of the famous Beer Garden! Grab a scoop (or three) of ice cream and enjoy outdoor seating, or a walk down the street to the park. The server checked the ingredients on each flavor before suggesting gluten-free options for me.

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