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January 20, 2017 ― nima

Gluten-free Pizza: A Survival Guide to Making Sure It’s Gluten-free

Pizza shows up everywhere – corporate events, kids’ birthday parties, game day, after work drinks, before the movies, adult birthday parties, work lunches, friends’ houses or even as a substitute for holiday meals. There’s something about the combo of crust, tomato sauce and cheese that everyone can get behind. However, gluten-free eaters find navigating these… Read More

January 19, 2017 ― food transparency

Four Food Tech Trends and Opportunities in 2017

Close to half of deaths in the United States are preventable with diet and lifestyle changes. Sixty-four percent of Americans are trying to make healthier food choices but still struggle with knowing what and how much to eat. The fate of our nation hangs in the balance of what’s at the end of our fork.  I… Read More

January 8, 2017 ― nima

Nima Reflections of 2016 from CEO Shireen Yates

It’s hard to believe so much has transpired in the year since Nima won TechCrunch Hardware Battlefield at CES 2016. Last year, we were developing beta units for customer feedback. One year later, we are back at CES, and shipping Nima pre-orders to our early adopters. We are selling our product and growing our database… Read More

January 4, 2017 ― nima

Gluten Test Strips for Food: Origins of Nima’s Design

Before Nima, there was no easy and fast way to use gluten test strips for food testing. You had the option of sending your food to a lab or purchasing a commercial testing kit. These testing kits require you to carefully blend or emulsify the sample, place a very carefully measured sample into a test… Read More

December 23, 2016 ― Gluten-free food Gluten-free tips nima Recipes

Easy Gluten-Free Gingerbread Cookies by Nima #NimaTested

Spice up your winter with the aromatic flavors of ginger, cloves, and cinnamon that’s baked into these easy gluten-free gingerbread cookies. Use this recipe to make gingerbread-man cookies to decorate or build the walls for your gingerbread house. The perfect recipe for the family activity by the fireplace! Easy Gluten-Free Gingerbread Cookies Serves: Makes 40-70 Gingerbread-Man cookies depending on… Read More

December 19, 2016 ― Gluten-free tips nima

Nima Gluten-Free Holiday Gift Guide

Still searching for the perfect gift for your gluten-free loved one? We the Nima team have compiled a gluten-free holiday gift guide, filled with our favorite GF, Nima-tested and approved gifts for the holidays. There’s something for everyone on our list, so check it out! Gluten-free reads Whether their preference is magazines, cookbooks or memoirs,… Read More

November 29, 2016 ― nima team

Nima Welcomes New Hires in Marketing, R&D and Operations

At Nima, we’re gearing up for public availability of our first product, the gluten food sensor. To aid in our launch and expansion of the Nima platform, Nima new hires have been added to our marketing, operations and R&D teams. Join us in welcoming them! Marketing Elena Chung, director of conversion marketing Elena comes to… Read More

November 18, 2016 ― nima

Easy Gluten-Free Cornbread Stuffing #NimaTested

As we turn introspective leading into Thanksgiving, we as a company want to thank you for supporting Nima. Our vision would not become a reality without your unwavering support. Whether you have known us since our days at MIT or just started following our Instagram yesterday, we are thankful for your interest, your personal stories… Read More

November 16, 2016 ― nima One Decision pre-orders

One Decision: How We Address Production Issues

Before we began shipping, we put Nima through several rounds of product testing and user beta testing. As a hardware company, we knew that issues would arise with our product – there were issues that we could predict, but also unknown issues – doing these pre-production prototype builds was a way to ensure that we… Read More

October 27, 2016 ― nima

Breaking Bread: Nima Vacation with Roman and His Family

Last week, we featured Jenny and her daughter, Claire. Today we’re sharing our chat with Roman, who’s been a Nima fan since early development and who had a full fledged Nima vacation. Hi Roman, can you tell us about your experience testing Nima? My 2-year-old was diagnosed with celiac disease at 11 months and is very… Read More

October 21, 2016 ― nima

Breaking Bread: Customer Stories with Jenny and Claire

We conduct ongoing beta testing to help us continually improve Nima. While product feedback is instrumental to the development of Nima, it’s the personal stories that motivate our team. We feel like we’re metaphorically breaking bread with each and every meal tested. Here’s one we’d like to share from one of our beta testers: Jenny… Read More

September 21, 2016 ― nima Nimoji

Nima launches Nimoji, the First and Only Emoji Keyboard for Food Intolerances and Special Diets

While there is no shortage of food related emojis, none address the most common food intolerances and restrictions. As part of our mission for greater food transparency and inclusivity, today we are launching Nimoji, the first and only emoji keyboard on iOS that enhances and animates conversations around the world of food intolerances, sensitivities and preferences.… Read More

September 9, 2016 ― nima

Nima Pricing Update, Last Week to Pre-order Nima at Discount

The pre-sale for Nima’s first product, a portable gluten sensor, has been open since October of last year, and we are getting ready to fulfill pre-orders and head to mass production. We are thankful for everyone who has pre-ordered to date. We appreciate your support and belief in our vision. Today, we are excited to announce that… Read More

August 30, 2016 ― nima

Nima Awarded $1M Phase 2 NIH Grant for Continuing Gluten Sensor Research

The National Institutes of Health has awarded Nima a phase 2 fast track Small Business Innovation Research grant of more than $1 million to further fund the research and innovation of Nima’s gluten sensor. This NIH grant, from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, is the second round of funding for the portable gluten sensor to… Read More

August 5, 2016 ― nima

Nima Adds to R&D, Product and Marketing Teams

We’re still growing our team to continue to ensure Nima is the best it can be when we ship to you this fall and then expand our product lines in the coming year. We are so thrilled to have new faces in our R&D, product and marketing departments who are passionate about our mission and eager… Read More

July 26, 2016 ― food testing research

Recent Evaluation Reveals Nima’s Accuracy at 99.5%

One of our frequently asked questions from buyers and potential buyers is around Nima’s accuracy. Since we’re still in pre-production and working toward shipping our pre-order units this fall, we are doing on-going testing of the units that come off the manufacturing line to make sure that Nima is functioning at the level we originally targeted.… Read More

July 11, 2016 ― nima team

Welcome, Summer 2016 Interns!

  Summer is upon us in San Francisco, which means rain and fog in these parts. But, we have shining new faces eager to bring Nima to the masses to brighten our days. We even have an intern returning from last year who didn’t get his fill of Nima yet! Meet our team of hungry,… Read More

July 7, 2016 ― nima

Use 3D Printing for Rapid Prototyping

There’s an underestimation among hobbyists and people who haven’t been through full product development cycles around how much time it takes to get a product to market. I was guilty of this myself before I started my company (we thought we’d be shipping within a year). Products need to consider a full feature set, industrial… Read More

June 23, 2016 ― nima

Testing Food for Gluten with Nima – Tips & Tricks

One of the frequent questions we get from gluten-free folks is “how do I test a whole plate of food?” When testing food for gluten with Nima, it only takes a sample of your meal – about the size of a pea. If you tested the entire dish, you’d have to blend up your entire plate to test, but… Read More

June 17, 2016 ― nima

Nima Adds New Hires to Operations and R&D

Our team keeps expanding to ensure that Nima is the best it can be when we ship this fall and to deliver on future sensors for peanut and milk. This week, Nima adds new hires to our operations and R&D departments to do just that. We are thrilled to have two new team members, Bruce and Monica!… Read More

May 26, 2016 ― nima

Nima on the Road for Celiac Disease Awareness Month

As you may know, May is Celiac Disease Awareness Month, and Nima has been traveling coast-to-coast – everywhere from Florida to Chicago and of course, the San Francisco Bay Area. We love to take Nima on the road to show how small, compact, and easy to use Nima is. We were honored to demo Nima… Read More

April 28, 2016 ― nima

Nima Beta Testing: Feedback Highlights

We’ve been working on bringing Nima to you for almost three years and could not have gotten this far without lots of great feedback from people who need it along the way. We’ve done everything from surveys about people want to test to live webinars with lots of Q&A to sending out non-working prototypes to… Read More

April 13, 2016 ― One Decision

One Decision: A Gluten Testing Consumer Device

The basis for our decision came from initial market research we did before even founding the company. As you may know, unlike packaged foods, restaurant foods labeled as gluten-free are not regulated by the FDA. Back in 2012, we interviewed about 30 restaurant industry professionals in the Boston area to discuss their viewpoints on serving gluten-free… Read More

April 7, 2016 ― food testing research

Is It Gluten-Free? What Foods People Want to Test

The fundamental question of “is it gluten-free?” is what drove our founder Shireen Yates to start our company, and ultimately bring Nima to you.   In a story she has shared many times, Shireen discovered a wide variety of food intolerances and allergies during her college years – wheat (gluten), dairy, soy and egg. She… Read More

March 30, 2016 ― team

Gluten-Free Snacks: The Office Edition

When we welcome people to our offices, we often point out the abundance of gluten-free snacks we have available. We’ve got everything from rice cakes to Nutella to gluten-free oatmeal and gluten-free snack bars. Not to mention some fresh fruit, which is the healthiest of these options.   There’s one snack that isn’t gluten-free, there’s… Read More

March 10, 2016 ― nima

Nima Named a SXSW Interactive Innovation Awards Finalist

Nima, the portable gluten sensor, was selected as a finalist for the 19th annual SXSW Interactive Innovation Awards, taking place Tuesday, March 15 at 7:00 p.m. CDT at the Hilton Austin Downtown (Grand Ballroom, 6th Floor). Nima is a finalist under the Health Med & Biotech category for new technology that best improves the quality, efficacy and… Read More

February 26, 2016 ― food testing

Recap: A Night with Nima at Pica Pica

Thanks to everyone in the Bay Area who came to our pop-up event with Nima at Pica Pica Arepa Kitchen on Tuesday night! We had quite a crowd of folks eager to see Nima in action. Pica Pica is a 100% gluten-free restaurant, and its ingredients are now Nima-verified. We do regular and random testing on their… Read More

February 17, 2016 ― team

My Food Identity: Input vs. Output

  One of my favorite t-shirts has a picture of a grizzly bear on it with the phrase “survival of the fittest”. This phrase has been a motto of mine for probably 15 years. However, as I grow older, and hopefully wiser, it takes on different meanings. Fit to lead, fit to innovate, fit to… Read More

February 3, 2016 ― nima research

Nima Awarded 2nd Peanut Sensor Development Grant

Nima has been awarded another Small Business Innovation Research grant from the National Institutes of Health to aid in peanut sensor development for consumers. The phase 1 funding amount released is more than $290,000, which will help fund our research and development of a Nima sensor for peanut, which is anticipated for release in 2017. The objective of… Read More

January 14, 2016 ― nima Presentations team

CES 2016 Recap: Nima Wins TechCrunch Award

It’s time for our CES 2016 Recap! What a whirlwind week we had. Five brave Nima teammates headed to Las Vegas to demo and showcase Nima to more than 150,000 attendees at the show. Our biggest news at CES came from TechCrunch Hardware Battlefield, where Nima was named the winner of the hardware startup competition and took… Read More

January 5, 2016 ― food testing nima research

Nima Chemistry vs. R-Biopharm

The latest round of food testing compares Nima Chemistry to R-Biopharm’s 7001 kit. We did a ton of testing – 47 different items, with a sample going to each lab for comparison. The proprietary Nima chemistry identified all cases where gluten was present at more than 20 ppm, as well as three cases where gluten… Read More

December 5, 2015 ― food testing nima research

Survey: Avoiding Gluten and Dining Out

We partnered with GlutenDude and ran a survey on avoiding gluten and dining out. As you know, we’re big fans of sharing our research with you, so here are some highlights, which reiterate research findings we’ve previously shared in highlights from Perspectives on Gluten Avoidance to Pills vs a Device. HOW OFTEN DO YOU GET SICK FROM UNINTENDED GLUTEN EXPOSURE WHEN… Read More

December 1, 2015 ― nima

How Big is Nima, the portable food tester?

How big is Nima? People often ask us how large our portable food tester is then are surprised when we show it to them. It’s always smaller than what they had imagined. For the promise it holds, which seems so large, it’s almost hard to imagine that a device this small and discreet can do… Read More

November 25, 2015 ― research

Who Avoids Gluten?

In August 2015, Nima and Black Fig Research conducted a study with people who avoid gluten to learn more about the things they avoid and their attitudes toward dining outside the home. We compared two groups of people: those who have someone in the house with celiac disease (referred to as celiac throughout) and those… Read More


Time Magazine: Nima One of the Top Inventions of 2015

Huge kudos to the entire team for their work on bringing Nima to you! We were thrilled to see Nima featured in this annual list of exciting and ground-breaking products. It’s great to be seen alongside other innovators such as hoverboard scooters, power pasta, and a bed in a box. The full list of top… Read More

November 15, 2015 ― nima

Nima Wins 2015 Gold Stevie® Award

We are honored to announce that Nima has been named the winner of a Gold Stevie® Award in the Startup of the Year – Consumer Products category in the 12th annual Stevie Awards for Women in Business. Co-founder and CEO Shireen Yates also won a Silver Stevie® Award in the Female Entrepreneur of the Year – Consumer… Read More

November 12, 2015 ― nima

“This Column is Gluten Free”: A Response

I used to be someone who never had to worry about food. I could eat anything and didn’t give mealtime a second thought. It’s easy to judge people when you are not plagued by food allergies or sensitivities, like Roger Cohen’s “This Column is Gluten Free” does in The New York Times. If you are not… Read More


reThink Food: Going Inside the Future of Food

  I spent the last few days re-imagining the way we eat, cook, source and love food at reThink Food, a collaboration of the MIT Media Lab and the Culinary Institute of America. The MIT Media lab is a cross-discipline institution that exists to leverage technology to focus on “human adaptability.” The CIA is the leading… Read More

October 24, 2015 ― team

Meet Nima’s TECH Women Fellow

After our summer interns departed in August, the office was feeling a bit quiet. So, we are so happy to have Elizabeth Akinyi Ochola join Nima’s chemistry team for the month as a 2015 TECH Women Fellow. Elizabeth hails from Kisumu, Kenya, where she is a research officer at Kenya Medical Research Institute in their Neglected Tropical Diseases unit.… Read More