Nima Partners: Exclusive Opportunities to Work with Us

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If you want a way to get Nima into your client or patient’s hands, we’d love to work with you in Nima’s exclusive partners program.

Give your clients the power to know what’s in their food

Nima’s connected food sensor allows you to test your food before you eat. Nima’s device and app create an incredible community where people can share their test results and see community reports on restaurants, and soon, packaged foods, helping people eat with confidence. Our first sensor is for gluten, with peanut, milk, and tree nuts to come.

As a Nima exclusive partner:

  • You’ll have first access to Nima technology and products
  • We’ll highlight you as a partner and spokesperson for local press releases
  • You’ll drive incremental income for your practice
  • We’ll help keep you abreast of the latest trends in tech & health
  • You’ll be on the cutting edge offering new & innovative solutions to your clients and patients

Learn more about Nima

We have several existing resources on our website to help you understand more about how Nima works

  • Toolkit for Dietitians and Doctors
  • Extensive FAQs designed just for medical professionals and dietitians
  • A constantly updated community wall with stories on what and where our community is testing

Apply for our Nima Partners program

If you’re interested in offering Nima in your practice, please let us know by filling out this form. We’ll respond within a few days and walk you through a complete onboarding process where we can learn more about your practice, how you want to help your patients, and how you envision using Nima to help people have peace of mind at mealtime.