Nima Toolkit for Dietitians and Nutritionists

We’ve built a toolkit to help your patients and clients with using tools like Nima to navigate safe dining.

How to use Nima

Co-founder Scott Sundvor explains how to use Nima to test your food, step-by-step.

Nima Usage

How can you best advise someone to use Nima? What are the limitations? Nima’s level of sensitivity is 20ppm. If we detect ANY gluten, we’ll show a frown, but we’ll show a smile if it’s under 20ppm. There are some caveats to device usage, outlined here.

We’ve also got some handy-dandy etiquette guides for using Nima. We know that it’s not just about how to use a device, but also the impact to the social environment. We’ve come up with some guidelines on how to navigate the waters.

Suggestions for Safer Dining with Nima

Here are some guidelines for how to dine out with Nima and how diners can communicate their dietary needs.

An etiquette guide for dining out with Nima

Tips & Tricks for Specific Foods Using Nima

Each and every food item has its own specific bit of advice. We’ve put together a list of tips for specific foods from pizza to cake, and what part to sample and test.

Nima tips and tricks: advice for how to use Nima when dining out with information about specific foods.

Conversation Guidelines

How to help your clients have a conversation with waitstaff about their special dietary needs. It’s important to recognize we are all human — and being nice, but firm, about one’s needs can keep things pleasant.


Nima Survey Data: What’s it like to be a gluten-free consumer?

You probably have a lot of customers who are gluten-free or free-from other ingredients. We’ve pulled together some highlights for you in a few blog posts about gluten-free living that may be interesting to you.

  • First off, who is avoiding gluten? It’s not just Celiacs. People avoid it for many reasons from general wellness to other health issues. This survey data also covers the emotions
    of those who avoid gluten. Tip: you’ll need to help instill some confidence in dining out and self advocacy.

  • Is it gluten free? What people are most interested in testing. The foods that most strike terror are soups and sauces — and surprisingly, tortilla chips.

  • Are your patients like everyone else? We surveyed a ton of gluten-free folks in partnership with GlutenDude. 9% of people said they got sick from unintended gluten exposure once a week or more frequently. The reality is that almost no-one knows what
    level of gluten exposure makes them sick. Check out the full results.

Nima Data: Restaurant Testing & Validation Data

We’ve done a lot of restaurant testing — in fact, 20% of restaurant food ordered as gluten-free for our testing purposes has shown trace amounts of gluten.

  • San Francisco Restaurant testing showed that even multiple visits to a restaurant can yield different results on each visit. So it’s important to test every time.

  • A comparison of the Nima chemistry to the leading commercial antibody for gluten detection, R-Biopharm, shows Nima produces equal results.

  • Testing on 200 cornbread samples shows how Nima performs.

  • Third party research on Nima is underway. We are also compiling our internal research for publication.

Nima in the future: Milk & Peanut Sensors Coming

In the future, Nima will be expanded to other items. Peanut, milk, and tree nuts are next on the list. We’re sharing some information we’ve gathered on milk and peanut avoiding folks, including the frequency of unintended exposure, foods they’d like to test, and symptoms.

Communicating food needs with Nimoji

One thing the Nima team learned in the past few years is that people really need a way to communicate what they can eat and how they feel about it. Nimoji brings these dietary needs to life in an iOS sticker app with nearly 50 emoji to describe the day-to-day meal needs whether you’re gluten-free, vegetarian or intolerant to certain foods. When your patients are struggling to find the right words, Nimoji can offer a circle slash for the top eight allergens, or share the success of safe dining.

Full Nima Toolkit: Downloads

We’ve put our brochure, each of the infographics shown on this page, and our video into a Dropbox folder for you.

You can download the contents of this for use in communicating with your clients.

If you have any questions, please take a look around our Support Center. If you’d like to order brochures for your practice or to be put on a waitlist for our affiliate program, drop us a line at