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"My Nima gives me a complete peace of mind" - Valerie

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Nima Play

"Nima allows me to find a restaurant on the app of whatever city I'm in." - Joe

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Nima Play

"We love our Nima and don't dine out without it." - Stephanie

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Nima’s antibody-based chemistry was developed by MIT scientists to be faster, cheaper, and usable right at the dinner table. Nima is optimized to detect 20ppm of gluten and above and 10ppm of peanut and above. 20ppm is the FDA standard for gluten-free. 10 ppm is the lowest adverse reaction level observed in patients during clinical research studies.

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Nima is recognized as a leader in allergen research and has been awarded a grant from the National Institute of Health to develop the peanut sensor. Nima is advised by some of the top allergen researchers in the world.

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